This week’s recap of news about 21st Century Fox and its businesses includes 20th Century Fox Film’s “The Post” landing top prizes already, 21CF Executive Chairman Lachlan Murdoch talking about the current “cathartic moment,” strong ratings for “The Orville” and more.

Social Impact

The cast and crew of this year's "The X-Files" event series on FOX made a concerted effort during production to give back to the communities in British Columbia, where they filmed. Building on the socially conscious themes of episodes like "Home Again," about gentrification in major cities, the team led projects to support the homeless community in Vancouver, which was standing in for Philadelphia in the episode.

Frank Ockenfels/FOX

The two-night premiere celebrating the return of “The X-Files” to FOX set new worldwide ratings records with more than 50 million viewers in the first three days. Here are some highlights.

The return of 'The X-Files' (January 24)

The truth is out there for “The X-Files” fans – and by “there” we mean The Grove in Los Angeles. To celebrate the return of "The X-Files," Fox crash landed a UFO in the popular shopping and entertainment center. The new six-episode miniseries event starts with a two-night premiere on Sunday, Jan. 24, at 10 p.m. EST/7 p.m. PST, on Fox.