Dr. Jane Goodall


This week’s recap of news about 21st Century Fox and its businesses includes FS1 setting a ratings record with the MLB ALDS finale, “The New Mutants” (in theaters April 13, 2018) trailer hitting the internet, a date for “Gambit” and more.

Kathryn Fink, MD, FNG Italy, Chloe Cipoletta, Programming Director of National Geographic Society ’s East Africa Fund, Dr. Jane Goodall, Alessandro Militi, VP Marketing & Sales, FNG Italy


National Geographic recently hosted two premier events in Europe: the National Geographic Science Festival in Rome; and the National Geographic Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. The two events were opportunities to connect thousands of adults, children and institutions to the National Geographic brand, as well as a number of featured speakers, including iconic primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall.