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Few people are aware that the current Fox lot in Los Angeles is actually the third lot to be occupied by the company in the city.

The Fox Commissary is one of most historically significant and interesting buildings on the Fox lot. It opened in 1929 as the "Café de Paris" inspired by eateries found around the Bois de Boulogne, the grand Parisian park.

When the permanent buildings on the Twentieth Century Fox lot were constructed in 1928, the bungalows and the dressing-room buildings were all located on the southeast corner of the lot close to the Tennessee Gate, which served as the main entrance to the studio. Those continued to be used, but the biggest stars were given suites in the brand new Building 86 located near the Commissary, which soon became known as the "Stars' Building."

Building #69 on the West Pico Boulevard Fox lot is a rather inauspicious little structure that has a fun (and even glamorous) history, about which even most people at 20th Century Fox Film studio are unaware.

The unassuming Building #41, one of the oldest buildings on the 20th Century Fox Film lot, has been in the same location since the 1920s. It was originally a barn used by actor, director and writer Tom Mix for his horses when he was allowed to come out to the country and ride around the newly purchased Fox property when it was just acres of rolling hills.